Maxima Group is a consulting and strategic advisory group, specialising in providing support in the design, management, implementation and evaluation of development projects. Our member companies are committed to providing the highest quality advisory services in a wide array of development topics.

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Organisations - whether public, private or civil sector - turn to external advisors when they lack capacity or know-how internally. They may need to bring in specialists in a subject that is not available in-house. They may want an impartial outsider to inject fresh thinking or to independently assess performance and direction. They may simply be looking for ‘brains for hire’, because of peaks in workload facing existing staff. In many instances, all three factors are in play.

Whatever the reason for tendering advice, every potential client has the right to demand the highest standards of service. What unites the Maxima group of companies, as well as the individuals within them and the extensive network of associates we work with, is a shared idea of how advisory services should be delivered, based on empathy, flexibility and commitment.